Uber, Car2Go and Insurance

With the growing popularity of ride-share (Uber, Lyft) and car-share (Car2Go) companies, it is important to know your potential insurance risks.

As a ‘ride share’ driver:
The moment your app is online, you are operating ‘for hire.’ This is an exclusion on most personal auto policies.

Ride-share companies do provide coverage for their drivers, but it can vary. For example, Uber provides $1M in liability coverage for their drivers once they have either accepted a ‘trip’ and/or when they have a passenger in the vehicle. However, they provide very limited coverage while the app is online and you do not have a route or passenger.


As a ‘ride-share’ passenger:
Most ride-share policies provide $1M in Commercial Liability and $1M in Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage. According to Uber, their policy has “up to $1 million per incident for bodily injury or property damage to passengers.”

It is also likely that your own personal auto policy medical or personal injury coverages would apply.

When using a car-share service:
When you rent from a car-share like Car2Go, your rental fee includes their very minimal level of car insurance. Your personal auto policy coverage would likely also apply as it would be considered a rental car.


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