5 Questions for Esten Johnson


1. What TV show would you most like to be on?
Saturday Night Live. I would love that–the sketches, the music, everything.

2. How did you get your name?
Esten Johnson is my great-great-grandfather’s name. He immigrated here from Norway and ended up in South Dakota. Look at that mustache! He built a cabin for his family and now it is a historic landmark in South Dakota.


1800’s Esten Johnson and 2000’s Esten Johnson


Esten Johnson’s Cabin

3. What is your favorite take-out/delivery food?
Asian Taste in Minneapolis. I love the cream cheese wontons, General Tso’s Combo Platter, teriyaki sticks, sushi – it’s become a Sunday night tradition for my wife and I.

4. What do you like most about your job?
I love learning about my clients and their families. Whether it’s at a coffee shop, at their home, or in our office – it doesn’t even feel like I am working.


Esten sporting the office dècor.

5. What is a current trend in the insurance industry?
Consumers are bombarded with discount options—we’ve all seen the endless TV commercials for low-cost insurers. HOWEVER, most people don’t realize that there are actually a lot of carriers that have a better product for a better value. Talk to me, I’ll hook you up!

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