Customer at Heart: Jan W.


Client Since 2013

As a new client of Cox Insurance, describe your first impressions.
My first experience with Cox Insurance was warm and professional, and that set the tone for feeling really good about my decision to transfer my insurance over to Cox Insurance.

All the staff were exceptionally inviting and professional. I was impressed with the very neat and detailed package they presented me with. They explained everything in detail and they advised me on the best options for my situation.

The great treatment I received left me confident in the work, and they were very prompt with any responses to my questions.

What did you find most valuable about your experience?
How I felt when I walked-in and walked-out affected me greatly. I left feeling like I was their only client and that my best interest was being served!

When I had an insurance claim, they were right there to help me through it.

If you had to pick 1-2 words that describe Cox Insurance, what would they be?
Authentic and trustworthy. They definitely have my trust.

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