In Business: Hermes Floral



Hermes Floral
1639 Larpenteur Ave W, St. Paul MN 55113  |  651-646-7135

In advance of Valentine’s Day—her busiest day of the year—we caught up with our commercial insurance client Sandy Biedler, owner of Hermes Floral.

What makes Hermes Floral unique?
The quality of our products and our customer service. Also, it’s like a neighborhood here—we definitely have a different feeling than if we were in a strip mall. Almost all of our giftware is made by local artists and we like to support our local community.

If you had an extra hour in every business day, what would you do with it?
Marketing. Especially social media . It’s so challenging to find the time or the right person to keep up that conversation with our customers.

What is the best advice you were ever given about being a business owner?
I was always afraid of doing things the wrong way. Someone said to me “Just do it your way, and if it’s wrong, you will learn from it.” That’s been the best advice I’ve gotten.

Can you describe your relationship with Cox Insurance and how we have worked together to protect your unique exposures?
When you start a business you don’t realize what needs to be insured and what doesn’t. You think with one phone call you can sign up for what you need.

When I worked with Kevin from Cox Insurance, he went through the store with me and asked very specific questions about our equipment, products and delivery vehicles. It was extremely helpful to have someone explain our exposures and develop a plan that was thorough.

After working on our commercial insurance, I also decided to switch my personal insurance to Cox Insurance. I actually got a lot better value and added an umbrella policy to my coverage.

Can you share an experience that stands out to you and demonstrates our unique working relationship?
I was with our former insurance guy for 31 years, and I never met him. With Cox Insurance, if I have a question, it’s not hard to get an answer.

What should we know about Valentine’s Day?
Hermes Floral will be open from 8:30 AM until the last customer walks through the door! Our inventory will be stocked up, so you can call, stop by or order online at

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